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Wednesday 27 October
CSSC Conceeded Hole in the Roof
Walmer Rovers 14-27 Allport
Deal Vics 56-6 Surestart
Monday 25 October
Deal Vics Conceeded CVT
Deal Hockey Club 35-13 CSSC
Allport 42-11 Channel
Wednesday 20 October
Surestart 18-63 Deal Hockey Club
Dover Ladies 5-24 Walmer Rovers
CSSC Conceeded Perrys
Channel 11-39 Deal Vics
Monday 18 October
Perrys Conceeded CVT
Deal Hockey Club 11-25 Walmer Rovers
Deal Vics 48-10 Dover Ladies
Allport 22-10 Surestart
Wednesday 13 October
Surestart 16-31 Walmer Rovers
CSSC Conceeded CVT
Deal Hockey Club 32-10 Dover Ladies
Monday 11 October
Walmer Rovers 35-22 CVT
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