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Fixtures & Results

Summer 2017

Games will be 4 x 12 minute quarters. Games may be shortened at umpires discretion, but if you start promptly they will not need to.

Home team to get posts out, away team to put posts away. Home team also have first centre.

All matches will be played unless otherwise advised by the fixtures secretary.

One division

April 17
Mon 24   Allport 13-3 Hourglass Fitness Report
  Millards 9-26 Deal Vics Report
Wed 26   Dover Blue Birds 14-16 Rough Diamonds Report
  Go Native vs. Duke of Yorks 8:00pm
May 17
Wed 3   Go Native 20-21 Dover Blue Birds Report
  Rough Diamonds 8-12 Hourglass Fitness Report
Mon 8   Go Native 11-33 Millards Report
  Rough Diamonds 10-12 Allport Report
Wed 10   Hourglass Fitness 16-23 Duke of Yorks Report
  Deal Vics 29-29 Dover Blue Birds Report
Mon 15   Rough Diamonds 26-2 Go Native Report
  Duke of Yorks 23-33 Deal Vics Report
Wed 17   Hourglass Fitness 12-20 Millards Report
  Allport 25-11 Dover Blue Birds Report
Mon 22   Allport 29-8 Millards Report
  Rough Diamonds 12-24 Deal Vics Report
Wed 24   Dover Blue Birds 28-34 Duke of Yorks Report
  Hourglass Fitness 37-10 Go Native Report
June 17
Mon 5   Duke of Yorks 18-29 Allport Report
  Millards 8-29 Rough Diamonds Report
Wed 7   Go Native 11-35 Deal Vics Report
  Dover Blue Birds 10-6 Hourglass Fitness Report
Mon 12   Hourglass Fitness 11-19 Deal Vics Report
  Duke of Yorks 28-7 Rough Diamonds Report
Wed 14   Dover Blue Birds 23-16 Millards Report
  Allport 45-6 Go Native Report
Mon 19   Hourglass Fitness vs. Allport 7:00pm
Deal Vics vs. Millards 8:00pm
Wed 21   Rough Diamonds 17-15 Dover Blue Birds Report
  Duke of Yorks 31-20 Go Native Report
Mon 26   Millards 16-32 Duke of Yorks Report
  Allport 17-15 Deal Vics Report
Wed 28   Dover Blue Birds 33-22 Go Native Report
  Hourglass Fitness vs. Rough Diamonds 8:00pm
July 17
Mon 3   Deal Vics conceeded Duke of Yorks
  Go Native vs. Rough Diamonds 8:00pm
Wed 5   Millards vs. Hourglass Fitness 7:00pm
  Dover Blue Birds 7-44 Allport Report
Mon 10   Millards vs. Go Native 7:00pm
  Allport vs. Rough Diamonds 8:00pm
Wed 12   Dover Blue Birds 18-24 Deal Vics Report
Duke of Yorks vs. Hourglass Fitness 8:00pm
September 17
Mon 11   Allport 25-21 Duke of Yorks Report
  Rough Diamonds 21-6 Millards Report
Wed 13   Deal Vics conceeded Go Native
  Hourglass Fitness 20-5 Dover Blue Birds Report
Mon 18   Millards conceeded Allport
  Deal Vics 22-16 Rough Diamonds Report
Wed 20   Go Native conceeded Hourglass Fitness
  Duke of Yorks conceeded Dover Blue Birds
Mon 25   Deal Vics vs. Hourglass Fitness 7:00pm
  Rough Diamonds vs. Duke of Yorks 8:00pm
Wed 27   Go Native vs. Allport 7:00pm
  Millards vs. Dover Blue Birds 8:00pm
October 17
Mon 2   Duke of Yorks vs. Millards 7:00pm
  Deal Vics vs. Allport 8:00pm
Wed 4 Deal Vics vs. Millards 7:00pm
Duke of Yorks vs. Hourglass Fitness 8:00pm


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One division

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