Ameliorate the Vibration Problem of Sand Washing Machine

Started by mumbaicrusher

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Tue 29 May @ 9:22am

While in the operation means of the XSD Sand Washing Machine, vibration might take place. How to lessen the occurrence frequency from the vibration of your Sand Washing Machine is actually a challenge regarding many shoppers. Listed here We are going to assist to unravel this problem.

The vibration of this machine is manly resulted from your large vibration of the horizontal and vertical route, but little vibration of the axial direction, which can modify the posture on the riding wheel of the Sand Washing Machine, as well as centre line with the Sand Washing Machine deviates, so this machine will vibrate.

According to the measurement effects of the centre line of this machines and its operation condition, We presents appropriate answer.

1. Adjustment the riding wheel guided through the measurement end result.

2. Due to the fact the adjustment could be the correction in the barrel from the kiln, plus the pressure ailment from the back driving wheel plus the tyre once the adjustment will change, the altering basic principle of “fine turning several times and observing the anxiety affliction although fine turning” should be followed. When the first adjustment is finished, the nest adjustment should be fulfilled after observing the machine for one day or so.

3. In the adjustment process, the workers should take record the temperature on the kiln barrel as well as the bearing bush plus the riding wheel, the speed with the kiln, the amount with the materials that are fed into the kiln as well as worry to the hydraulic blocking wheel, and observe the formation ailment from the oil slick to the bearing bush plus the vibration ailment with the kiln and compare the changes before and after the adjustment.

Change the machine for one particular week; the vibration situation in the Sand Washing Machine might be ameliorated significantly.


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